Brand Designer


Viña del Mar, Chile




Develop AFRA's brand identity by creating a comprehensive brand strategy, designing a versatile logo, and establishing a consistent color palette and typography that resonate with young women's aspirations and reflect AFRA's commitment to fashion-forward design and local charm

About the Brand

AFRA, is a charming clothing boutique nestled in the heart of Viña del Mar, Chile, exudes timeless elegance and contemporary style since its inception in 2022. Catering exclusively to young women with a passion for fashion, AFRA has become a beloved destination for those seeking unique and on-trend apparel. With an exquisite selection of carefully curated pieces, this boutique seamlessly combines local flair with international fashion influences, offering a delightful array of clothing that empowers and inspires the vibrant women of Viña del Mar.


The decision was made to create a font logo consisting of four distinct letters with precise, sharp edges and corners. This design choice aims to establish a strong and unwavering brand identity, evoking trust and symbolizing the superior quality of our products."


The concept of crafting a font-based logo with sharp edges and corners was a pivotal choice in shaping AFRA's brand identity. the project aimed to create a cohesive visual identity for AFRA. Through logo design, color palettes, typography, and brand guidelines, we sought to encapsulate the unique blend of elegance and contemporary style while evoking trust and symbolizing superior product quality.